Online Learning
Should you have any questions regarding the online lessons, you are welcome to send us an email to
Term 2 - Online Lectures
All lectures for term two for the period 31 March 2020 till 17 April 2020, will be presented online COMMENCING on 6 April 2020 from 08:00.
Communication regarding COVID-19 has been loaded under the information tab.
Please take note that all classes continues whether there are power or not. Lecturers prepared their lessons and will continue. Should any student prefer to leave, he/she will miss out on the lesson and the lesson will not be repeated.
Mark Queries
For mark related queries please contact Mrs Badenhorst -
All students who have not handed in a Certified copy of their grade 12 Matric Certificates (NOT the statement of results) at reception to Ms Nathalie Christians, must do so ASAP.
URGENT Parking NOTICE to All Students:
Attention to all students parking with your vehicles in and around the Bellville Business Park. You may ONLY park at the parking bays behind Prestige Academy, the 10 parkings opposite Njoy marked Prestige Academy and around the Centurion building marked Centurion. At all times your parking must be Visible. Wheel clamps are used by owners of other Businesses and you will be Charged R400 to remove the wheel clamp.
SMOKING - FINE Implemented:
All Smoking including Electronic Cigarettes are prohibited on the premises of Prestige and Centurion Academy Buildings. NO Student or Staff member is allowed to smoke closer than 5m from any entrance or window of the Buildings. This includes smoking at the tables outside downstairs. Students and Staff members who do not adhere to this rule, will be fined by LAW.
SITTING around the Business Park:
Please all note: You may not sit on any property grounds around the business park. You may only sit on Prestige and Centurion Academy grounds during your tea and lunch breaks. Thank you.
ALL Students please take note that we will not accept any deliveries on behalf of a Student to at Prestige Academy Reception. Therefore please ensure you make alternative arrangements should you require packages to be delivered to you. Thank you.
Attention All Students: Lunch Time Food Orders. Place your order downstairs at the tuckshop in the morning, make a payment and simply collect your food at break times.Please all note that Toasted sandwiches will only be made on request. Orders must be placed before 10am in the mornings. Note NO toasted sandwiches will be made during any break times. Thank you.
The lost property is kept at Reception, should you have Found or Lost any item, please be so kind to hand it in or collect it at Reception.
PARKING in the back Public Parking Area:
All Students please note, parking is at your own risk at the back of Prestige Academy. This Parking area is a Public Parking Area. Should you park on yellow lines or disobey the Law, you will be fined by the Traffic Department. Parking discs for all students are available from our security guard Mr. Erasmus whom you can find in the parking area. All Parking and Parking Discs are for FREE !